The best clinics in Turkey

The best clinics in Turkey

Turkey is a new direction

In Turkey, more JCI-accredited medical institutions than
in any country of the world. Today, Turkey is recognized as competitive.
a high-tech country for health care – every month thousands
Foreign nationals from European and other neighboring countries are being treated here.
About 60 international medical schools train thousands of Turkish and foreign
students, and high standards of certification of specialists ensure successful results
in a wide range of areas of medicine. Bright and versatile cultural atmosphere of large
Turkish cities provide a safe and friendly environment for patients and their
satellites / accompanying during the period of treatment and recovery. Great
Turkey’s central location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia allows
easily and in the shortest possible time with minimal time spent on the flight to get from any
largest airport in the world. Turkey is a candidate for accession to the EEC, and is currently being implemented
criteria for membership in the organization, including the provision of relevant standards
health care systems. Objective quotas and corresponding prices for it are the norm.
All accredited Turkish clinics have world-class infrastructure and are provided
modern technology. In Turkey, there are almost all the largest pharmaceutical
companies such as Pfeizer, GlaxoSmithKleine, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck,
Novartis, Roche, Astra Zeneca, which have regional offices and production here,
like many local manufacturers. Reliable blood supply is provided by Kizilay (Turkish Red Cross),
an JCI accredited organization.

The Turkish health sector is waiting for you and is ready to provide its experience and hospitality.

You are here because you are looking for a country, clinic and doctors who will provide you with the necessary
medical care, because you are looking for the quality and effectiveness of medicine abroad.
For most of our patients, Turkish medicine has become an important discovery, and it has allowed
restore lost health or save their lives.

In Turkey, the quality of care system is unique in terms of the quality / cost ratio –
it is a qualified, high-tech, result-responsible medicine, built
by American standards, but significantly more affordable.

Choosing treatment and diagnosis in Turkey, the patient receives the best that he has.
today is world medicine.

Over the past few years, Turkey has become serious in terms of the quality of medical services.
competitor for Germany and Israel. Today, thanks to significant investments in
health care (training, equipping clinics, using the latest
medical technology), Turkey’s medicine is on par with leading
European countries on the quality of medical care. Turkish doctors
receive an excellent education and solid practice in the best American and
European medical schools and hospitals.

Most patients who go to Turkey for treatment are patients with severe
chronic diseases that require emergency care, with neglected
oncology, patients of all ages requiring bone marrow transplantation, transplantation
liver and kidney, as well as interventional cardio and neurosurgeons. A serious difference is observed
in the results of treatment of patients in Turkey and in the post-Soviet space – the percentage
negative cases less by an order of magnitude, favorable prognosis for many incurable
domestic medicine diseases are much higher, the postoperative process
rehabilitation is faster and easier. Medicine in Turkey has a wide range of areas
for which she offers excellent quality, but affordable treatment.



Comprehensive treatment of tumors: gastric cancer, lung cancer, breast and uterus cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcoma, skin cancer, brain tumors, leukemia, pediatric oncology. Timely and accurate diagnosis of cancer.

Cardiac surgery: coronary artery bypass surgery, coronary angiography, AKSH on a working heart, AKSH with AIK, treatment of heart defects, stenting, angioplasty, treatment of atrial fibrillation, radiofrequency ablation.

Neurosurgical operations: treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors using stereotactic surgery – Gamma Knife, Cyber ​​Knife.
Orthopedic procedures and operations: Endoprosthetics of the joints, treatment of hernias of intervertebral discs, microsurgical operations on the hand and foot, diagnostic and surgical arthroscopy, treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors.

Treatment of infertility and IVF, the latest methods of treatment of gynecological and urological diseases: affordable laparoscopic operations, minimally invasive surgical treatment using the Da Vinci Robot.

Organ transplantation: low prices for liver, kidney, and bone marrow transplants, which are performed only in internationally accredited clinics.
Plastic and aesthetic operations, hair transplantation is primarily a guarantee of the professionalism and competence of surgeons.

In Turkey, we are always ready to provide the patient with the necessary medical care as soon as possible!


– Affordable cost of treatment compared with clinics in Germany and Israel;
– The use of all the most effective modern methods of treatment and diagnosis, treatment with high-quality medicines, often not yet registered in Russia;
– No visa regime, a unique climate, cheap accommodation and flight;
– International standards, a high level of training of doctors, the latest medical equipment;
– A fundamentally different attitude towards patients, full medical care for the sick, competent “nursing” and effective rehabilitation.


Hospital Anatomics – Ear Throat Nose

Anatomics Hospital – Ear Nose Throat, Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant, continues to improve its professional services, in accordance with the rules of medical etiquette, legal law and the rights of patients. The center was built in 2005, and continues its activities in the fields of USP, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplant in Istanbul – Hey Gayrettepe, together with a group of experts in technological infrastructure.
Anatomics is proud to provide its high-quality services in the field of Ear Nose and Throat and Plastic Surgery for more than thousands of foreign patients. 10 years ago, on this journey, we gave ourselves the word: YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US.
Our center is very well aware of the responsibility of providing quality services in the field of health care, with the notion of quality striving for the principle of ‘’ to do right the first time ’’.

Services provided in our center:

Aesthetic body shaping

Hand stretch
Leg Stretching & Buttock Lift
Aesthetic face surgery

Nose Surgery
Face lift
– Face Formation

Face aesthetics
Brow Lift
Aesthetics century
Lip augmentation
Ear surgery
Neck lift
Aesthetic breast surgery

Breast lift
Breast reduction
Breast augmentation
Asymmetric breast correction
Male Breast Reduction (gynecomastia)
Medical Aesthetics

Diabetic Foot Treatment
Hand skin rejuvenation
Fill light
Light peeling
Permanent makeup
Chemical peels
Laser hair removal
Spot Treatment
Healing Skin Care
Body Composition Analysis
Fat injection
Facial skin rejuvenation
Face mesolifting
Face filling
Hair care

Hair Transplant and FRU (P.R.P & With Mesotherapy)
Beard transplantation
Whisker transplantation
Eyebrow transplantation
Diseases Ear, nose and throat


. Early ENT

Voice Violations
Snoring and Sleep Apnea Syndrome
. Hearing Impairment

Radiology Services

Bite-Wing radiography
X-ray Hands
Occlusal X-rays
Panoramic X-ray
Periapical X-Ray – Digital Phosphor Plates
Cephalometric X-ray
TMA – Joint radiography


Bayindir Health Group

Bayyndyr Health Group is a subsidiary of a leading Turkish bank, Turkish Ish Bankasi, was founded in 1992 in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. From its inception to the present day, the group specializes in providing high-quality medical services through the use of advanced technologies, modern medical equipment, the latest discoveries of leading world scientists and experts, as well as the successful long-term experience and solid work of a team of professionals.

Our main task is to provide patients with various diseases with timely, modern and effective help, aimed at achieving tangible positive changes and at complete recovery.

Currently, the Bayindir Group has 3 hospitals, 1 medical surgical center and 5 dental clinics. Each of them provides health care not only to citizens of Turkey, but also to foreign patients. Bayyndyr Health Group clinics enjoy an enviable reputation and provide a wide range of medical services – from consulting and diagnostics to performing complex operations. High qualifications of doctors and medical staff, comprehensive medical care, the latest medical equipment, as well as a comfortable environment are the distinctive features of our clinics.

Department of International Patients

The Department of International Patients of the Bayyndyr Clinic Group provides planning services for your arrival, undertakes the organization of transportation services, hotel reservations, and provides translation services. A coordinator will be attached to you, who will assist you throughout your stay at the clinic. During your stay in our clinics, nutritionists will select for you food that is close to the kitchen of your country and at the same time useful and in accordance with the recommendations of your attending physician. On the territory of the Clinics you have the opportunity to use the free Internet and watch TV channels of your country. Polite and smiling staff will help you feel at home. Your health is in our safe hands!

Bone marrow transplantation

Bone Marrow Transplantation (PCM) is a special type of hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Most often, transplants are performed on patients suffering from blood and bone marrow diseases or certain cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Bayyndyr, the newest Center for PCM Health Group, is specifically designed to care for patients before and after bone marrow transplantation. We are proud to be the first private hospital that established this specialized Center in Turkey in 2005. Since then, the Bayindir Health Group has successfully conducted numerous transplant operations to Turkish patients, as well as patients from other countries of the world.

Our leading experts in Ankara are Prof. Dr. Ali Ugur Ural / Ali Uğur Ural

Associate Professor Dr. Ahmet Ifran / Ahmet İfran


Dental clinics in Istanbul and Ankara are ready to provide you with their services in the field of dentistry, orthodontology, transplantology and prosthetics. Our specialists, who are professionals in their field, apply an individual approach to each patient – from the diagnosis of the oral cavity to the final restoration and prosthetics and / or the provision of cosmetic services. All clinics are equipped with modern dental equipment and use medicines from well-known pharmaceutical companies.

In order to provide high-quality and modern dental services to residents of Turkey and foreign patients, 5 dental clinics have been opened in the center of Istanbul, two of which have been operating since 2002. Our Dental Clinics are located in areas: Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Shirinelevler and Ish Kule. All clinics are equipped with the most modern equipment, and experienced professional doctors use all the latest achievements of medical science.


Mouth Examination
Children’s dentistry
Oral Surgery
Teeth Removal
Dental prosthetics
Bleaching, Smile Modeling
Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

The departments of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery at Bayindir Hospitals have been operating since the foundation of our hospital in 1992. These departments, which work according to international standards, are known in the country as reference centers.

They provide a full range of cardiac services from examination and diagnosis to surgery, intensive care and rehabilitation. Departments, serviced by leading experts and teams of experienced perfusiologists and nurses, as well as constantly equipped with the latest equipment. The low mortality and infection rates and the high quality of post-operative care ensure the trust of our patients.

Each Department of Cardiovascular Surgery has an Intensive Therapy Unit, equipped with the latest technology, in which postoperative care is carried out. Non-invasive coronary examinations, minimally invasive and invasive procedures such as angiography, catheterization, angioplasty (balloon, stent, atherectomy), Micra Clip procedures and pulmonary valvuloplasty can be performed at the Cardiology Departments.

Prof. Dr. Timur Timurkaynak / Timur Timurkaynak

Our leading experts in Ankara – Associate Professor Dr. Yaman Zorlutuna / Yaman Zorlutuna

Associate Professor Dr. Jan Ozer / Can Özer


The main focus of our Neurosurgery department is diseases of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. In addition, the department serves not only patients who need surgery, but also those who need medical supervision.

Today, microsurgery is a common method of treatment. Most surgical interventions, from hernia operations to brain tumors, are performed by microsurgical techniques, which leads to a lower risk of death and facilitates the period of postoperative recovery.

A feature of our clinics is continuous treatment by specialists and the opportunity during treatment at one doctor to directly involve a specialist from another area for consultation or additional examination. Most often, neurosurgeons interact with such departments as: the Anesthesia and Resuscitation Department, Pulmology, Infectious Diseases, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, as well as the Department of Nutrition and Dietology, etc.

Our leading experts:

in Ankara – Prof. Dr. Ismail Hakky Tekkök / İsmail Hakkı Tekkök Associate Professor Dr. Gokkhan Akpınar / Gökhan Akpınar in Istanbul – Prof. Dr. Murat Doshoлуlu / Murat Döşoğlu

The Department of Medical Oncology is one of the model oncology departments in Ankara. Our specialists monitor progressive methods of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases, participate in international conferences and symposia on the exchange of experience, and then apply modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. Our clinic provides treatment with the most modern methods of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy and other methods of treatment, which are considered as standards of therapy in the literature. High-dose radiotherapy and bone marrow transplantation are also performed. For patients in advanced stages of cancer, supportive therapy (palliative care) is used to relieve pain and improve the quality of life. They are assisted by experienced psychologists, nutritionists, algologists, blood bank. In the department, the patient’s condition is controlled, the blood parameters are constantly monitored so that patients do not have neutropenia. If necessary, the patient can be transferred to artificial nutrition. Chemotherapy drugs are prepared by specially trained personnel in laminar cabinets and strictly in accordance with the scheme and dosage.

Our center provides treatment for the following types of cancer:

Lungs’ cancer

Colorectal cancer

Skin cancer

Mammary cancer

Prostate cancer

Uterine cancer

Cervical cancer

Ovarian cancer


Bladder cancer

Testicular cancer


Brain tumors

Bone cancer

Soft tissue cancer

Our leading experts:

in Ankara – Dr. Mehmet Metin Sheker / Mehmet Metin Şeker
in Istanbul – Professor Dr. Mustafa Yaylaji / Mustafa Yaylacı

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Our surgeons offer a variety of customized services, including endoscopic aesthetic surgery and cosmetic rejuvenation with fat cell transplantation. The low price, excellent quality and speed of execution of these procedures attract a large number of foreign patients who come to Turkey on vacation.

In the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, all types of correction are carried out, especially aesthetic and plastic surgery that is often performed:

Facial Aesthetic Surgery – Chemical Peeling, Dermabrasion, Ears, Eyelid, Oval Face Change, Face Lift, Eyebrow, Cheek Adjustment, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Nose Surgery
Breast Surgery -Increase / Reduce, Tighten, Reconstruct, Postpartum Plastic
Aesthetic Body Surgery – Changing Body Contours, Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Lipofilling, Forearm Skin Tightening, Buttock Lift, Hips Lifting, etc.
Laser Surgery – Grinding, Hair Removal, Removal of Pigmet Spots, Scars, Scars, Removal of Veins and Vessels, etc.
Intimate Plastics – Reduction / Increase of the Sexual Lips, Vaginoplasty, Vulvoplasty, etc.
Treatment with the Use of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells (fat or bone origin) – Facial Rejuvenation, Restoration of Aging Face Volume, Breast Enlargement, Penis, Caviar Enlargement, Filling Long Non-Healing Wounds, and Bone Growth
Hair Transplant – FUE, FUT methods
Minimally Invasive and Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures – Botox, Fillers, Implants, Facial Restoration and Change
In addition to the above, our Reconstructive Surgeons perform the following:

Head and Neck Surgery – Correction of Congenital, Acquired, Post-Traumatic, Infectious and Post-Oncologic Defects
Breast Reconstruction – After Masaectomy, Repairing Congenital / Acquired Defects, After Postponed Cancer Disease
Surgery of the Upper and Lower Limbs, Hand Surgery
Genitourinary Reconstruction – Correction of Congenital / Acquired Defects
Correction of the defect “Rabbit Lip” or “Wolf’s mouth.”
Our leading experts in Istanbul are Prof. Dr. Ali Rza Erçöchen / Ali Rıza Erçöçen

Orthopedics and Traumatology

One of the leading departments of the Bayyndyr Health Group Clinics is the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. This department specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, surgical operations of the ankle joints, as well as surgical treatment of the upper limbs and back.

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology successfully performs arthroscopic operations on the joints. The department is equipped with the most modern equipment and uses prostheses and materials from leading manufacturers in the world.

The doctors and medical staff of the department work 24-hours a day and serve patients both on an outpatient and inpatient basis, and, if necessary, in providing emergency care in the emergency and emergency room. Our doctors have extensive experience as well as international certificates in such areas as: arthroscopic surgery, arthroplasty, treatment of congenital and acquired defects, hand surgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery. The method of diagnosis and treatment is chosen depending on the individual problems of the patient. After the operating period is usually accompanied by physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Obstetrics and gynecology

One of the successful departments is the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, headed by Associate Professor Dr. Omer Chobanoglu / Ömer Çobanoğlu

In the department, not only gynecological examinations, planning and management of pregnancy, planned and urgent labor, but also all kinds of gynecological operations, including oncological ones, are carried out.

In addition to these departments, the clinic has the following departments:

Endocrinology, headed by Professor Mustafa Kutlu / Mustafa Kutlu –
Gastroentrology (in Ankara, led by Associate Professor Dr. Gürol Oxyzoglu / Gürol Öksüzoğlu
Urology (specialists in Ankara – Izaak Dalva / İzaak Dalva and in Istanbul, Professor Dr. Typhoon Gürpınar / Tayfun Gürpınar
Pediatrics (there are narrow specialists: gastroentrologist, cardiologist, neurologist, allergist, pediatric surgeon)
Radiology and Interventional Radiology (in Ankara, led by Prof. Dr. Okan Akhan / Okan Akhan
Infectious Diseases and Hepatology (in Ankara, Professor Dr. Levent Doогancı /
And etc.


Medline Adana

Private Hospital Medline Adana took its first patients in June 2009. Complies with all international quality standards and ethical principles.
The private hospital Medline Adana is an unbroken confidence in its specialists, medical staff, which combines know-how with close attention to the patient, patient service, focused on the foreign patient, quality policy diagnostics, equipment of advanced medical technology, stay in comfortable wards .
Private Hospital Medline Adana is the first hospital in the Southern region, which received a certificate of compliance with JCI standards (Joint International Commission)
Our goal is to improve the quality of our services, improving our work processes through continuous independent monitoring of the quality of services and services, while continuing to provide services to our patients in accordance with international quality standards.
Medline Adana Private Hospital accepts patients from the Middle East, like Iraq, Iran, Syria, and African countries such as Libya and Sudan, as well as a huge flow of patients from European countries.
In addition to medical services, we provide travel services for foreign patients.

14,000 square meters of covered space, 28 beds for intensive care, 123 beds offers services in 24 specialties. The largest reanimation in the region with a fully equipped 22 incubators for newborns in intensive care. 5 operating rooms, the ability to carry out operations in all specialties that require technical support, including cardiac and brain surgery.
In our hospital, we conduct qualitative research as a team of medical and administrative staff to ensure the reliability and quality of medical services for our patients in order to measure and improve patient safety and organizational effectiveness.

• Atresia of the esophagus
• Pyloric stenosis
• Duodenal atresia
• medullary ileal atresia
• Anal atresia
• Cloacal anomaly
• Diaphragmatic hernia
• torticollis
• Cyst of the thyroid duct
• Bronchial residues
• Thyroid Disease Surgery
• Lymphangioma
• Cystic echinococcosis of the lungs
• Underwater drainage
• lobar emphysema
• Cystic adenomatous malformation
• Diagnostic thoracoscopy
• Laparoscopic testicular examination
• Lowering the testicle with laparoscopy
• Diagnostic laparoscopy
• Laparoscopic cyst removal
• Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
• Laparoscopic splenectomy
• Laparoscopic appendectomy
• Laparoscopic tumor removal or biopsy
• Inguinal hernia
• Hydrocele
• Undescended testicle
• Varicocele
• Splenectomy
• Surgery on tumors
• Biliary atresia
• Bile duct cyst
• Echinococcal cyst
• Invagination
• Hypospadias
• Epispadias
• Bladder exstrophy
• Mixed gender correction operations
• Urinary incontinence
• Circumcision
• Clithoplasty
• Vaginoplasty
• Correction of penis curvature
• Closed and open surgery for vesicoureteral reflux
• Correction of pelvic congestion
• Correction of ureteral and vesicular narrowing
• Interventions in neurogenic bladder
• Bladder enlargement from intestinal tissue (augmentation)
• Cloacal exstrophy

• Emergency room
• Dentistry
• Anesthesiology and resuscitation
• Nutrition and dietetics
• Neurosurgery
• Central Laboratory
• Pediatrics
• Pediatric urology
• Pediatric surgery
• Therapeutic department
• Dermatology and cosmetology
• Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
• Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
• Gastroenterology
• Department of General Surgery
• Department of Thoracic Surgery
• Thoracic Department

• Ophthalmology
• Corneal transplantation
• Laser
• Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Cardiovascular Surgery
• Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery
• Children’s cardiology
• Cardiology
• Otorhinolaryngology
• Orthopedics and Traumatology
• Spinal surgery
• Plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
• Oncology
• Radiation Oncology
• Psychiatry
• Radio diagnostics and interventional radiology
• Medical radiology
• Nephrology
• Neurology
• Urology

Afyon Kocatepe University Hospital is located in the city of Afionkarahisar, and is located on the thermal spring. The thermal waters of the city of Afion are considered among the cleanest and quality in the world. They are a natural factor in helping people suffering from various diseases.

Afyon Kocatepe – Hospital of Emergency Medicine, Traumatology, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine for 200 beds offers not only comfortable treatment conditions, but also high-tech equipment, which, in turn, allows it to occupy a leading position among Turkish medical centers. The hospital offers services for patients of any age. The outpatient clinic treats patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system: the lumbar spine, neck, knee joints, etc.

In addition, the center has a round-the-clock inpatient unit with a capacity of 200 beds, where physiotherapists carry out rehabilitation programs for patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and other neurological problems, pre-and post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation programs, and sports rehabilitation.

Departments of the center:

The department of physiotherapy and electrotherapy allows the treatment of 45 patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system at the same time. Devices with infrared and laser radiation, for electrotherapy and ultrasound, short-and long-wave diathermy, fluid-and interference therapy, as well as treatment with ultraviolet radiation, hot wraps, paraffin therapy, etc. combine the most modern technology.

The department of hydro, balneal and peloid therapy – has thermal pools and aqua aerobics pools at its disposal. Traditional methods of balneological therapy are used by specialists-physiotherapists, taking into account modern scientific developments. Highly effective water procedures will be useful for patients with paralysis, as well as in the postoperative period when the patient needs intensive rehabilitation.

Department of diagnosis and treatment of metabolic bone diseases – this department examines and treats patients with such metabolic bone diseases as osteoporosis, etc. With the help of special diagnostic equipment (DXA), bone mineral density is determined in patients of all age groups.

The Department of Diagnostics and Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases – diagnostics and treatment of diseases such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthropathy, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system, accompanied by pain in the lumbar, cervical spine, shoulder and hip joints, etc. .

Massage department. A team of highly qualified specialists for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system performs a general, lymphatic and local massage.

Spine stretching and spinal decompression – stretching and spinal decompression are used to treat hernias and intervertebral discs and other diseases of the spine.

Department of Cardiology and Pulmonology – patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma are treated. The department is equipped with the latest rehabilitation equipment, the functioning of which is controlled by a computerized system. While the patient is undergoing this or that procedure, the doctor has the ability to control the blood pressure, pulse rate, electrocardiography and the patient’s oxygen saturation level.

Department of Neurological Rehabilitation. As a rule, patients with limited opportunities due to damage to the brain or spinal cord, stroke, and other neurological diseases have numerous problems, such as weakness of muscle tissue and difficulty walking. Using modern robotic equipment, we help our patients to return to everyday life, renewing the possibility of independent movement in a shorter time and making this process easier and more comfortable for them.

Pediatric rehabilitation department. The department provides treatment for children’s diseases that cause disability and significant disability, such as cerebral palsy.

Orthopedic rehabilitation department. In our region, a significant number of injuries and injuries resulting from accidents. Based on the need to rehabilitate these patients, this department was created. Proper rehabilitation after surgery of the knee, hip, shoulder and other joints, ligaments and tendons, as well as neurosurgical interventions provides for early recovery and return to normal life.

Department of rehabilitation of the upper extremities. Damage to the upper limbs is more common among young people and,

Department of diagnosis and treatment of pain. Comfortable and painless nerve blockade.

Department of urodynamics. Implementation of the diagnosis and treatment of patients with impaired bladder function.

Department of treatment of diseases associated with excess weight. Recently, an increasing number of people are facing the problem of obesity and overweight, which indicates the seriousness of the situation at the public level. The use of complex treatment methods in our center allows us to solve this problem.

Department of Ultrasonographic Diagnostics – diagnostics of the pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Isokinetic dynamometry separation. A computerized isokinetic dynamometer promotes safe and effective muscle strengthening. It is used to treat weakness of muscle tissue that has arisen as a result of orthopedic injuries or operations.

Anadolu Hospitals

The roots of our hospital group are from 1993. At that time, medical specialists decided to establish a medical facility just here to meet the medical needs of local residents and tourists in the beautiful region of Antalya. Initially, it was a clinic called Kemer Medical Center. But the demand for medical services in this area grew, and the capacity of the clinic was not enough to provide the entire population and arriving tourists, which was the impetus for the reconstruction of the clinic in the authorized hospital in 1997, which became known as Anadolu Private Hospital.

Within 10 years, with the active development of tourism in the Antalya region, a number of new hospitals were built in order to meet the medical needs of all districts of Antalya, Belek, Side, and others.

At the same time moving along the vector of development of tourism and innovations in medicine, the Anadolu group continues to develop and comply with the latest technologies of medical science. We are proud that thanks to this approach we are able to serve patients at the highest level both in diagnosis and in treatment.

An indicator of our success is the evolution from a small clinic to a large hospital group, which now includes 9 hospitals, which are located from Kemer to Alanya. Today, this medical group has 2050 general-purpose personnel, 1332 medical personnel, 210 specialist doctors with 56,949 sq. M. total covered area.

Anadolu Group has a TEMOS quality certificate and is actively positioning itself in the medical tourism market. The geography of our patients is quite wide: Germany, Norway, Holland, England, Russia and other CIS countries, etc. Even Europeans come to Turkey for us because the cost of high-quality services is several times cheaper than in Europe.


– plastic surgery,

– dentistry,

– ECO,

– cardiovascular surgery,

– orthopedic surgery and treatment of sports injuries,

– pediatrics,

– sleep laboratory and snoring treatment,

-tourism for the elderly and medical care during their stay on vacation,

– general surgery.

International patients are served with translators who work in English, German and Russian!

If you wish to combine your treatment with a vacation, then the services of the Anadolu Medical Group are what you need for you!

Bagcilar Education and Research Hospital

Bagcilar Training and Research Clinic (Bagcilar Education and Research Hospital), located in Istanbul, was opened on November 15, 2006. Having at its disposal 21 wards for outpatient treatment and 3 inpatient medical complexes with a total area of ​​70,000 square meters, the clinic hosts more than 9,000 patients daily.

Among the main medical areas of the clinic:

– general and plastic surgery,

– obstetrics and gynecology,

– orthopedics and traumatology,

– ENT,

– urology,

– cardiovascular surgery,

– cardiology,

– psychiatry,

– radiological medicine,

– anesthesiology and resuscitation,

– thoracic surgery,

– pediatrics,

– ophthalmology,

– therapy,

– treatment of infectious diseases,

– endocrinology,

– physiotherapy,

– dermatology,

– neurology,

– pediatric surgery,

– brain surgery,

– Nephrology,

– treatment of burns.

Of particular note is that the Hospital has a department of robotic surgery using the technology of “Da Vinci”. This technology is a breakthrough in the field of surgical technology, as this robot makes it possible to carry out complex surgical interventions at a minimally invasive level. The Da Vinci system improves outcomes of surgical treatment, fundamentally changing surgery in three aspects: by simplifying operations that have already been developed (many surgical operations performed today using standard laparoscopic techniques can be performed faster and easier, because Da Vinci creates a review and sensation “close to open surgery), making complex minimally invasive operations routine, as well as making possible new minimally invasive procedures.

According to Dr. Murat Binbay, Head of the Department of Urology at Bagcilar Education and Research Hospital, the possibility of conducting robotic operations is one of the unique features of the clinic, which allows it to be very popular both among the local population and attracting an increasing number of foreign patients.

In addition, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Bagcilar Education and Research Hospital, which implies the possibility of conducting internships for Ukrainian medical specialists at the Bagcilar clinic. This program will allow doctors to improve their skills, as well as acquire new knowledge and skills to work on modern equipment, which will certainly entail an improvement in the quality of medical services in Ukraine.

Central hospital

Central Hospital in Istanbul has been providing medical services for 20 years. Located in the Anatolian part of Istanbul. The staff of the hospital consists of professional staff with experience in all branches of internal medicine and surgery and working without prejudice to quality and medical ethics.

Central Hospital has an ISO 9001 certificate of quality management system and ISO 10002 certificate of quality management system of customer satisfaction, issued by the Turkish Standards Institute.

The number of foreign patients coming to Turkey for treatment is increasing every year. Many of them are trying to find the best treatment at economical prices. The aim of Central Hospital is to provide high quality and best services at affordable prices for our patients. This allows us to become a provider of preferential medical services for foreign patients seeking the best care at economical prices. As a renowned and experienced health sector institute, Istanbul Central Hospital offers world-class medical services, with advanced medical technology, to attract patients from abroad. Improvement of the medical services offered, comfortable conditions where they would feel at home and professional staff are the most important facts explaining why patients from all over the world choose us. Experienced medical specialists and attendants at Central Hospital are at your disposal 24 hours 7 days a week.

Central Hospital provides all types of medical services, including emergency services for children and adults, ambulance services, operating rooms with the use of the most modern technologies, intensive care units for adults and newborns, preventive medicine and other treatment services, work centers. with images and labs.

In addition, we provide special services such as:

Oncology Center (Center for Surgical Oncology, Gynecological Oncology, Nuclear Medicine)
Center of laparoscopic, endoscopic surgery (all types of general surgery, orthopedics, gynecological, neurosurgical operations)
Obesity / Obesity Surgery Center
Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Hair Transplant Center
Branch Check-ups
Infertility Center
ECO, ECO-ICSI and IVM procedures successfully performed according to high quality standards. The Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology and its specialists offer their services 24 hours 7 days a week.
At Central Cancer Center, we strive to offer the best in cancer treatment.

Our doctors work in the following directions:

surgical oncology
gynecological oncology
nuclear medicine (PET-CT scan and scintigraphy)
Surgical Oncology

Our team of oncologists devote themselves exclusively to caring for cancer patients who require surgery.

Surgical oncologists have a complete understanding of the necessary general assistance that you should receive.

This means that even after surgery, your oncologist will be involved in the rest of your treatment.

Our surgeons specialize in the treatment of cancer, including:

Tumors of the brain and spinal cord
Head and neck cancer, benign and malignant head and neck tumors, with the exception of the thyroid gland, which can be treated surgically.
Lungs’ cancer
Mammary cancer
Prostate cancer
Colon and Colorectal Cancer
Duodenal cancer
All bones, muscles and soft tissues, especially for limb tumors, can be made medical and surgical treatment.
And other types of cancer.

Gynecological oncology

Our team of gynecological oncologists seeks to help women overcome cancer. They encounter various types of cancer, such as:

Cervical cancer
Ovarian cancer
Uterine cancer
Vaginal cancer
Cancer of the vulva
Armed with the latest technology, we can treat aggressive cancer with radical surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Foreign Patient Care Center

Istanbul is expanding its range of personalized services to make our patients feel at home.

The organization of receptions from medical specialists
Private transportation, airport transfer and transfer from and to the hotel / clinic (free of charge)
Translator’s help (Russian, English for free)
Accommodation in hotels (special prices for our patients)
Financial and payment arrangements
Discount on a package of services for uninsured, self-paying patients
Translation of medical records (English free)
Central Hospital is just 20 minutes from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, and 38 km from Ataturk Airport, 20 km from Grand Bazaar, Kozzy Shopping Center – 2.5 km, Carrefour – 3 km, Bostanci Railway Station – 2.5 km , Bostanci Show Center -1 km.

Treatment and Diagnostics Services

Brain surgery
Breast diseases and allergies
Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery
Intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care unit
ENT calving
Department of Endocrinology
Department of Hematology
Department of Gastroenterology
general surgery
Department of Internal Medicine
Laboratory department
Department of Neurology
Department of Nephrology
Department of Dentistry and Oral Diseases
Orthopedics and Traumatology
obstetrics and gynecology
Department of Psychology and Psychiatry
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Pediatric Surgery
Department of Nutrition and Healthy Nutrition

KENT Hospital, Izmir

KENT Hospital is a fully equipped medical complex, one of the largest and most modern hospitals in southeast Europe.

KENT Hospital has well-trained medical staff – experts in their work, as well as excellent doctors with international experience and reputation. Patients from many countries are provided with the most up-to-date diagnostic and medical services using equipment from the best world manufacturers. To ensure the best possible care and patient safety in the hospital, modern nursing technologies are used.

Kent Hospital was accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) international commission in 2006. JCI is the most influential non-governmental regulatory body that assesses whether the clinic meets the high standards required to continually improve the quality of care provided.

The main medical areas:

Neurology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, nephrology, organ transplantation (liver, bone marrow, kidneys), pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive medicine, gastroenterology, general surgery, orthopedics, hematology, oncology, radiation medicine, urology, urology, urology, physiology, urology, physiology, morphology, ecology, urology, physiology, urology, ecology, urology, ecology, urology, morphology, ecology, urology, ecology, urology, ecology, urology, ecology, ecology, urology, ecology, urology, ecology, ecology, urology, ecology, ecology, urology, urology, ecology, urology, ecology, ecology, urology, ecology, urology, strategies, urology, urology, urology, ecology, urology, strategies, urology, urology, ecology, gynecology, gynecology, gastroenterology others

The most popular patient procedures that are performed at KENT Hospital:

Coronary artery bypass
Surgery to replace heart valves
Coronary angiography
Hip replacement surgery
Knee replacement surgery
Spinal surgery
Liver transplantation
Vaginal hysterectomy surgery
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Izmir: Center for Culture and Civilization

Izmir (Izmir) – one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin. This city is ancient and modern at the same time. Ancient – because it is the only ancient city on the coast of the Aegean Sea, which is flourishing in our time.

Diagnostics and treatment at KENT Hospital will give patients the opportunity to receive the necessary medical care, and relax in a beautiful historical place.

Medicabil Hospital

Medicabil Hospital (Bursa) offers healthcare services according to international standards. The hospital is located in a seven-story building, including the surrounding area of ​​8 thousand square meters. m. and has at its disposal not only an excellent infrastructure with the latest technology, but also high quality staff. All medical services are provided based on ethical rules, respect for the rights of patients and are available to all who need them, both local residents and international patients.

Outpatient patients have the right to choose or replace doctors if they deem it necessary. In 20 outpatient clinics there are tools for diagnostics, such as Electrocardiography (ECG), Electromyography (EMG), Stress Cardiography (Stress ECG), Audiographic testing. All research results are recorded by a global integrated management information system for quick access and evaluation. The total number of beds for patients at Medicabil Hospital is 87. For inpatient treatment patients, 4 apartments, 30 single rooms and 10 double rooms are available. Rooms with a simple design have plenty of space, light and air, which contributes to the development of a sense of well-being in patients. 4 operating theaters equipped according to international standards, 2 – designed and built for organ transplantation operations. Patient history and radiographs may be available from all theaters.

Continuous power supply, with the ability to instantly connect a backup power generator, ensures safety at any time. The main sterilization unit is designed and built in compliance with all necessary rules and regulations. Live video transmission of everything that happens in the operating theater directly to the conference room allows you to use “live surgery” for teaching and training. The intensive care unit, the intensive care unit and the neonatal intensive care unit are maintained under the criteria for resuscitation at all levels.

Medicabil Hospital has a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001-2008. In accordance with them, the hospital raised patient care to the highest international level. The hospital works closely with the New York Ranawat Orthopedic Center, USA in the areas of patient care, research and development, as a training center for all levels of medical staff to work with DePuy from Johnson & Johnson and Smith & Nephew.

Medicabil Hospital №1 in Orthopedics

We performed 6850 surgeries, 40% of which were categories A and B in general surgery. 2690 of the total number of surgeries were performed by the Orthopedics Department. Medicabil Hospital is the number one leader in orthopedics, especially in full hip arthroplasty, full knee arthroplasty, and spinal surgery in Bursa. The number of operations in the first 12 months in the Orthopedic Department: 255 – arthroscopy, 778 – arthroplasty, 264 – spinal surgery, 398 – trauma, 112 – removal of tumors, 883 – other operations. In addition, we examined 96,549 patients in our outpatient departments during the 1st year of work.

Infection rate during primary operations – 0%

At Medicabil Hospital, the prevalence of infection during primary operations is zero. Factors of such high success in this:

– Fast multimodal approach

– Fast and safe surgery

– Type of anesthesia

– High-tech air filtration system

– Central sterility assurance

– Hand hygiene


Orthopedics and Traumatology

Anesthesia and resuscitation





Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

general surgery

Chest diseases


obstetrics and gynecology



Infectious diseases

Thoracic Surgery


Dietology and healthy nutrition

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery



Outpatient unit

Check-up block

Emergency services


Operation Theater

Maternity ward

Audio Lab

Cardiology laboratory


– Blood pressure according to Holter

Biochemical Laboratory

Neurological laboratory

– EEG (electroencephalography), EMG (electromyography), acupuncture

Endoscopy unit

– Arthroscopy, Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Rectosigmoidoscopy, Histoscopy

Urodynamic block

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit

Radiology unit

– 1.5 Tesla MRI

– Densitometry

– CT

– Mammography

– Color Doppler

– X-ray

– ultrasound

Intensive care unit

– Surgical, medical, neonatal resuscitation

Blood bank


Medical Center Anadolu

Anadolu Medical Center Video Tour

In Yazydah and Ozilkhan families, good health and a healthy lifestyle have always been priorities. In 1979, these two distinguished families founded the Anadolu Foundation.

Anadolu Medical Center, which is part of the Anadolu Foundation, has two distinctive features: its non-commercial status and a unique partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, which is well-known throughout the world.

Anadolu Medical Center is a multi-profile hospital with excellent and unique programs in the fields of oncology, general surgery, cardiology, neurological sciences, women’s health, artificial insemination and orthopedics. These host programs are recognized in Turkey and abroad.

Anadolu Medical Center provides highly qualified medical services, surrounding the patient in a friendly atmosphere. Each patient is carefully treated by expert teams of health care professionals, each of which specializes in his or her own field. In addition, medical specialists have constant access to the second medical opinion of Johns Hopkins Medicine. The quality of treatment is enhanced by a team of nurses and experienced medical technicians whose work is aimed at the most comfortable stay of the patient in the clinic.

Innovative medical services of Anadolu Medical Center are based on an approach where the patient is the focus. Respecting the wishes of our patients and their families and providing them with special support at all stages of treatment are our priorities.

Anadolu Medical Center provides services to patients from 30 countries in a comprehensive, modern and regionally recognized healthcare complex.

Anadolu Medical Center, which aims to “provide world-class medical services to improve the quality of life” at your service.

Some facts about Anadolu Medical Center:

– 1000 employees, 120 doctors, 225 nurses, 209 beds

– 20 full-time care coordinators with a variety of languages, including Russian, English, etc.

– Boutique hotel with 40 rooms. The hotel can comfortably accommodate relatives of the patient, while at the same time remaining within walking distance from the hospital. We have tried to do everything so that you have pleasant impressions from staying in another country.

– The hospital is located on the coast, far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, but close enough to travel to the city center. The center is located in the lap of nature, among an abundance of greenery and an artificial pond, which has a positive effect on patients and the duration of treatment.

The departments of the Center are equipped with advanced medical technologies and equipment that make the treatment process more efficient and less painful.


The Medical Department of Oncology is accredited and awarded by the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). We offer an interdisciplinary approach, the essence of which is to cooperate with all branches in our institution. Depending on the needs of the patient, we develop an individual solution for each of our patients, which is part of our mission – “The world standard of medical services in order to improve the quality of life.” We have a support therapy team that provides psychological support and treatment for pain.

In the department of radiation oncology, over the past 6 years, experts have been using CyberKnife’s painless and bloodless technology. CyberKnife, the most advanced technology for non-invasive treatment of tumors, is a high-level technology used in radiotherapy in areas affected by cancer. Oncology patients are treated in the Department of Radiation Oncology, on advanced technological equipment, such as: CyberKnife (Cyber ​​Knife), PET-CT (PET), 3D-CRT and radiation therapy with adjustable power (IMRT).

The bone marrow transplantation center offers autologous and allogeneic transplantation and guarantees high quality medical care for our patients from medical professionals who specialize in site-specific diseases or therapies.


The cardiovascular center provides high quality integrated cardiac monitoring for patients of all ages with heart disease. A team of world-class doctors and nurses, each specializing in a specific area of ​​heart and vascular diseases, work together in a team to offer you the most advanced treatment methods, high quality diagnosis of diseases, the most personalized care and modern medical technologies for both general and and complex heart diseases in adults and children.


The Department of Neurological Sciences applies an interdisciplinary approach in various practices, such as advanced electromyography, headache and neuropathic pain treatment, epilepsy, surgery, spinal surgery, primary and secondary prevention of stroke, diagnosis and treatment of dementia. The neurosurgery unit works confidently with the use of a navigation biopsy system and CyberKnife radiosurgical technologists, as well as other technologies, such as video monitoring for tumor localization, digital angiography, advanced MRI and CT, and biopsy with frameless stereotactic tracking.

Orthopedics and traumatology.

Our team of doctors specializing in oncological diseases in orthopedics seeks to determine the most effective therapeutic methods for both benign and malignant diseases of bone and soft tissue. We also offer advanced treatment methods, such as a limb rescue procedure, which involves the preservation of a limb during surgical removal of a tumor.

Women Health.

Our Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is designed to preserve health at all stages of a woman’s life. In addition, it is necessary to note the high success rate of alternative methods of artificial insemination (IVF) using the latest advances in this area: freezing of embryos, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and the Metabolomyx method.

The gynecological oncology unit treats patients with malignant tumors in the female genital organs. Optimal preoperative assessment and individual treatment planning are the cornerstones of our management method. In accordance with this, we use different images of radiological examinations (ie, ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET / CT) and / or colposcopy, in accordance with the needs of patients. After the preoperative assessment is completed, the treatment of each patient is planned by an interdisciplinary team consisting of radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists and pathologists. The best result depends on the chosen optimal surgical treatment.

Memorial Healthcare Group

Memorial Medical Group, a pioneer of quality healthcare services in Turkey, has achieved amazing results in private-sector projects through the use of its medical, scientific, and technological capabilities. Following the clinics in Sisli and Ataşehir, Memorial is now in Antalya – the largest tourist center …

The main building of the Memorial is located in the central part of Istanbul, in the Okmeydan district. Thanks to this, patients can get here at any time. Our hospital provides medical services worldwide. The hospital area is 53,000 m2, the capacity is 200 beds, 8 operating rooms, a conference room for 120 people and a parking lot for 300 cars with an area of ​​10.000 m2.

Memorial Medical Group,

aims to provide all necessary medical services in an integrated form
Internationally renowned for IVF, genetics, cardiovascular surgery and organ transplantation.
owns equipment and infrastructure that meets international standards,
provides services at the highest level achieved by technology in diagnosis and treatment.
has laboratories and departments equipped with the latest technology
It is proud to offer patients the opportunity to be treated in a reliable environment.
Memorial Medical Centers:

– Cancer Center

– Center for the treatment of urological diseases

– organ transplant department

– Center for Cardiology

– Center for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

– Artificial Fertilization Center (IVF)

– Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Memorial Cancer Center

We are ready to fight and beat cancer together, your health is our profession. Advanced treatment of cancer and other oncological diseases in Turkey is carried out by the multi-profile Oncological Center MEMORIAL, which provides a full cycle of specialized care for cancer patients: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The center conducts a modern comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of cancer based on evidence-based medicine.

In the Oncology Center MEMORIAL tens of thousands of cancer patients were diagnosed and treated. The process of cancer treatment is always long, is associated with numerous side effects and psychological stress, almost always hard tolerated by the patient. The main thing is to use all the possibilities to cure, prolong the life of the patient or alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Top experts
World renowned oncologists and qualified specialists from various medical fields work in the Oncology Center MEMORIAL. All our employees are members of international oncological associations and have practical experience in well-known oncology clinics in the USA and Europe. This allows them to timely recognize and put into practice the latest world achievements in the field of oncology. In their practice, they strictly follow international standards for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and work closely with leading oncologists from the United States and Europe.

Consultative reception is conducted by leading oncologists, including those who also conduct online consultations. The best diagnostic specialists (PET, MRI, CT, morphological, immunological, serological, genetic laboratories, etc.) work in the Oncology Center MEMORIAL. In oncology, it is important not only to prescribe the correct research to the patient, correctly evaluate their results and make the correct diagnosis, but also determine the effective tactics of cancer treatment.

  1. International standards and evidence-based medicine
    Cancer treatment strategy at the MEMORIAL Cancer Center is defined according to international standards approved by the scientific oncological communities of the USA and Europe. By the same standards, oncological treatment is carried out in the USA, Germany, Israel, Austria or Switzerland.

    Diagnosis and treatment of all types of oncology: carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, stomach cancer, lung cancer, breast (breast) cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcoma, metastatic lesions, cancer uterus, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, brain and spinal cord tumors, leukemia.

    Medical technologies are used: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, transplantation (transplant) of kidneys, liver, bone marrow, stem cells. The use of surgical installations Da Vinci Robot and Nano-Knife.

    Our approach to any diagnosis and treatment in oncology is evidence-based medicine. Decisions to change preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic measures are taken on the basis of generally accepted international evidence, and their effectiveness and safety is the basis for the patient.

    Every day, in practice, in our Oncology Center we apply the latest medical technologies and the most effective cancer treatments, including advances in nuclear medicine, molecular biology and genetics. We are open for cooperation and are always ready to exchange experience and achievements with specialists from any country in the world.

    Using the capabilities of modern equipment
    In the shortest possible time to establish the correct diagnosis and monitor the course of cancer treatment allows the use of the most modern methods of instrumental and laboratory research and modern high-tech equipment in our Center, including

    positron emission tomography (PET)
    magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
    computed tomography using low-intensity radiation (CT),
    scintigraphy and isotope scanning of organs.
    The laboratories carry out hundreds of types of blood tests, the definition of tumor markers, detailed biochemical and immunological studies. All types of endoscopic diagnostics of the stomach, intestines, lungs and other organs are performed on the latest, modern equipment under general anesthesia, without causing the patient any unpleasant sensations.

    Oncology Center MEMORIAL has equipment for conducting high-precision radiotherapy treatment – the latest generation linear accelerator with preliminary computer simulation of radiation fields. This allows minimizing the radiation effect on the organs and tissues surrounding the tumor and directing the maximum therapeutic flow to the site of the disease. For the treatment of cancer and metastases, minimally invasive surgical methods, the operating Da Vinci Robot, the Nano-Knife, modern laparoscopic equipment are widely used.

    Special programs for early detection of cancer
    At the MEMORIAL Cancer Center, screening programs and oncologic Check-Up are developed and actively used for different groups of patients. Each program is designed for one to two days of diagnostic studies.

    The main goal is to identify the risk of developing cancer, or to detect asymptomatic cancer, at an early stage. All our diagnostic programs include only the most informative and correct research. Mandatory stage – a multidisciplinary approach in the analysis of the results.

    JCI International Accreditation (Joint Commission International)
    The MEMORIAL clinics located in Istanbul and Antalya are accredited by the joint JCI International Commission – an American medical expert organization. JCI certificates testify to impeccable medical management and the highest quality of medical services. JCI accreditation is an indisputable reputation in the medical world.

    How to beat cancer?
    Do not waste time. Cancer just does not wait. For success in treating cancer diseases every day! The sooner you start fighting the disease, the more effective and cheaper the treatment will be. Leading experts of the MEMORIAL Cancer Center are ready to provide you with any advice: you can check the diagnosis and get recommendations for the correct and effective treatment of cancer.

Treatment and diagnosis of urological diseases.

Modern methods of treatment of diseases of the prostate gland, kidney, bladder. Operations using the Da Vinci Robot.

Medical group MEMORIAL has two specialized urological centers located in our multidisciplinary clinics in Istanbul and Antalya. MEMORIAL clinics successfully carry out all types of diagnostics, modern therapeutic and surgical treatment of urological diseases. In the MEMORIAL clinics, world-class medical specialists perform all the most effective types of operations on the prostate gland, kidneys, ureters, bladder, including: Operations using the Da Vinci operating robot Robotic, laparoscopic or endoscopic prostatectomy Robotic operations for kidney cancer Robotic operations for cancer Bladder Minimally invasive surgical methods of treatment of prostate adenoma For the convenience of the Russian-speaking patient s, in the MEMORIAL clinics every patient at all stages of treatment is accompanied by a Russian-speaking medical administrator.

Every year more than 500 robotic operations are carried out at MEMORIAL clinics, we have one of the highest rates in Europe of successful operations with Da Vinci’s Robot!

MEMORIAL clinics provide the most demanded treatment for most urological diseases:

Radical surgery for urologic neoplastic diseases, including retububis and retroperitoneal prostatectomy;
Conducting nerve-preserving minimally invasive surgical interventions for urological diseases, including using the Da Vinci Robot;
Treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome;
Bladder prosthetics by various methods;
Performing laparoscopic and retroperitoneoscopic urological operations, including nephrectomy;
Urological prosthetics, urological microsurgery, including referralization;
Plastic reconstructive and reconstructive surgery of the penis, transsexual surgery;
Minimally invasive treatments, including laser ablation of the prostate;
Laser endoscopic crushing of urinary tract stones;
Kidney transplantation;
Shunt surgery and implantation of CAPD catheters;
Immunological and cytostatic therapy for oncourological diseases;
Inpatient and outpatient diagnosis of erectile impotence;
Therapeutic treatment and robotic operations for prostatitis.
Screening of the prostate gland and urological Check-up in MEMORIAL clinics – it is comfortable and reliable!

Diagnostic programs and targeted screening offered by MEMORIAL clinics in Istanbul and Antalya allow in a short time (from 4 hours to 3 days) to get a detailed picture of your health and take timely measures to preserve it. The screening program for detecting cancer of the prostate gland, which we conduct in MEMORIAL clinics, takes one day, is comfortable for the patient and includes:

Consultation of a professor-urologist;
Transrectal ultrasound (ultrasound examination of the prostate gland through the wall of the rectum) using a high-resolution apparatus that allows for high-quality and accurate diagnostics;
Determination of specific tumor marker of the prostate gland PSA (PSA – prostate-specific antigen).
If cancer is suspected, a biopsy of the prostate gland and a detailed examination of the body (at least, PET / CT scan) are performed to detect distant metastases and damage to the organs surrounding the prostate gland.
Check-up programs

We pay special attention to the flawless organization of diagnostic programs. This allows you to combine leisure, business travel, effective medical examination and get advice from highly qualified medical professionals. One day of preventive diagnostics dedicated to health fits easily and comfortably into any vacation or business trip, due to which you do not have to drastically change your plans. High qualification of doctors is our main advantage. In the MEMORIAL clinics a team of the best medical specialists, professors and associate professors with a worldwide reputation is assembled. The urology specialists at MEMORIAL clinics are fluent in endoscopic and robotic operations on the prostate gland, kidneys and ureters.

Center for Cardiovascular Diseases

The Center for Heart Diseases Memorial Hospital provides services in the field of heart health protection, diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. It has the latest equipment and a well-developed infrastructure. Thus, we have provided the possibility of establishing the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in all groups of patients: from newborns to elderly patients.

The center provides services to patients: examination, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, coronary care and resuscitation for heart diseases.

Electrophysiological studies

Electrophysiological studies are methods of diagnosis and treatment, carried out by passing through the femoral vessels of the lower abdomen of thin flexible tubes (catheters) into the heart cavity, this surgery is carried out in electrophysiological angiographic laboratories. Electrical signals received directly from the heart are evaluated by high-tech computers and deviations are established. Thus, it is established whether the central heart system is working normally, and whether the blood transfer system works reliably. In most cases, patients with complaints of palpitations in the form of frequent heartbeats, the cause of these complaints is determined by assessments and data received by means of catheters placed in the patient’s heart using a special method. When determining the presence of a problem in the heartbeat, created by radio waves, a special current uses a point energy. In this way, tachycardia can be completely cured. To date, this method has made possible the final treatment of increased heart rate (tachycardia). Electrophysiological studies conducted, for diagnostic purposes, last 30-60 minutes. The operation can last from 1 to 4 hours.

Transtorokalnaya echocardiography (superficial echocardiography), fetal – pediatric echocardiography

Study of the structure and work of the heart with sound waves (ultrasound). Due to the fact that this study is not radiation and no pharmaceutical products are used during its conduct, this method is applied without the slightest risk and pain to any patients, including pregnant women and infants. During the study, the patient lies on a special bed. The device, sending ultrasonic waves, the doctor in various positions examines the chest, smeared with a special aqueous gel, and thus receives the image of the heart necessary for the study. Based on the data of the obtained images, very detailed analyzes and measurements are carried out. Echocardiography is used to diagnose various structural and dimensional heart diseases (cardiomegaly, diseases of the heart muscle – cardiomyopathy, diseases of the heart valves, hypertensive heart diseases, heart failure, diseases of the lining of the heart, intracardiac nodes, blood clots, cardiac tumors, congenital heart diseases, as well as diseases of the heart large vein of the body – aorta).

Echocardiography does not require any preparation in advance. Along with this, going to the doctor for echocardiography, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes. In addition, a patient who will undergo an echocardiography must necessarily take a form from the doctor that contains information about the reason for conducting this study and medical information about the patient, fill it in and give it to the doctor.

E.E.C.P. (Balloon angioplasty)

The method of balloon angioplasty is applied to patients who need to undergo shunting and dilation of narrowed vessels and who cannot undergo open surgery due to age or insufficiency of the liver or lungs. Balon angioplasty does not require any preparation and the operation is performed without pain. Injections and injections or special pharmaceutical preparations are not applied.

The Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Memorial Hospital performs heart surgery. This is mainly coronary bypass surgery for an adult patient. About 1,000 heart surgeries are performed per year, of which 78% are coronary artery bypass surgery and 22% are valve surgeries and the restoration of congenital anomalies in adult patients.

Coronary artery bypass

Coronary artery bypass surgery is mainly applied to three or more vessels. The duration of operations varies depending on the number of operated vessels and additional surgical procedures, the average duration of the operation is 4 hours. The patient fully recovers within 4-6 hours after the transfer from the operating room to the intensive care unit. After that, the apparatus to support breathing off. Basically, one week after coronary artery bypass surgery, patients begin to treat themselves without help. And in 2-3 weeks they return to their usual way of life. When conducting coronary artery bypass grafts, the internal thoracic artery (mamma artery) and the forearm arteries (radial artery) are commonly used.

The percentage of deaths in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Memorial Hospital is less than 1% (in developed countries, the figure is 1-3%). The percentage of infections is below the world standard. After the bypass, the patient is given a physical load test once a year and after 5 years coronary angiography. The percentage of patients who come to us only for simple coronary bypass surgery is very small. Our patients are people suffering from heart aneurysms and valves, aortic aneurysms at various stages, diseases of other organs (kidneys, lungs, etc.), as well as patients with complex diseases.

Repeated heart operations (reoperations) are very often carried out in our department. Our team of cardiovascular surgeons are specialists in this field. Our hospital refused to perform robotic operations used in coronary artery bypassing the world practice due to its non-effectiveness.

Preventive treatment for shunting

If patients operated in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Memorial Hospital have a mitral valve insufficiency, plastic surgery is necessarily performed and the progress of the disease is prevented. And this for a long time is very important for the preservation of the heart muscles and protection against heart failure.

Valve operation

In the department of cardiovascular surgery at the Memorial Hospital, quite often operations are performed on the mitral valve and the aortic valve. Along with the increased level of education in Turkey, the number of diseases of the heart valves associated with rheumatism has decreased. For this reason, operations are performed mainly for the treatment of diseases associated with valvular calcification, which occur especially in the elderly. More often, operations occurring due to age with aortic valve calcification. Irregular rhythm (atrial fibrillation) often encountered during operations on the mitral valve, is corrected by a special method – radiofrequency ablation by our team of surgeons. This method is applied only in several centers of our country. In the treatment of patients with mitral valve disease, the method of rehabilitation treatment of the valve is preferred. Likewise, patients of an age with a good general state of health and a presumably long lifespan, use valves of the same type. Biological valves are used in the treatment of young women who want to become mothers or elderly patients for whom it will be difficult to use blood thinners.

Aortic surgery

In operations on the aorta, first of all, endovascular surgery is preferred, i.e. stent application. 1 mm stents placed inside blood vessels of the heart, as well as stents with a diameter of 2-3 cm are successfully installed in the aorta of the chest and abdomen. This operation is carried out together with the department of invasive radiology and our team is the most experienced team in Turkey. Along with this, aortic aneurysm methods are used to replace the entire aorta.

Operations on the arteries of the legs and varicose veins

Among vascular diseases, varicose veins are the most frequently occurring disease. Patients who cannot use sclerotherapy require surgery. In the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Memorial Hospital, the abdominal aorta and veins of the legs are being shucked. In these operations, artificial veins are used.

Treatment of varicose veins with sclerotherapy (treatment by injection)

Treatment by injection is carried out without the need for stay in the hospital. In some cases, it is used as a final treatment after surgery, and is also often used in the treatment of relapses. Treatment of microvaricosis is performed by using a laser in the dermatology department of the Memorial Hospital.

Carotid artery surgery

In patients with coronary heart disease, quite often (8-12%) there is a narrowing of the carotid artery. Therefore, a color Doppler-ultrasound study of the carotid artery of all patients over 40 years old who require coronary bypass surgery is vital. 70-80% of patients who have narrowed carotid arteries prior to coronary artery bypass grafting, operate on the carotid artery prior to bypass surgery or with shunting (in special cases). During this operation, solid layers of the carotid artery are cleaned and, if necessary, the artery is expanded by a special method. The team for vascular surgery at Memorial Hospital is very experienced in this area.

Thoracic surgery

Thoracic surgery at Memorial Hospital is represented by a team led by surgeon-doctor Naji Erciyes Yagan. In the department of lung diseases, bronchoscopy and a breath test, all types of operations on the lungs, and surgery to remove tumors at various stages of development are performed. Due to the fact that in our time there is almost no surgery on the lungs associated with the deformation due to bronchitis and infections, we specialize mainly in the treatment of tumors.

Special methods aimed at treatment

The team of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery at Memorial Hospital uses 9-point magnification glasses during coronary bypass surgery. Control of operation after shunting is carried out by means of thermal chambers. Classical angiography is examined in the department by means of a special computer program in three-dimensional form. Our team of doctors is the only team in Turkey that applies all of the above innovations.

Supervision of the patient in the intensive care unit

The Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of Memorial Hospital and in intensive care uses very special methods. The doctor sees the image of the patient in the intensive care unit from the office, at home using a mobile phone or computer on a special monitor using a satellite.

Tinaztepe Hospital

Tinaztepe Hospital Video Tour

Tinaztepe Hospital, founded by a group of medical specialists in 2010, is designed for 101 patients, is built on 2 500 m2 and offers patients the services of doctors of 22 specialties.

Tinaztepe Hospital is located in Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey, and serves as the central hospital of the Aegean region. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical science and technology, has a staff of highly professional medical staff.

Since 2010, Tinaztepe Hospital provides medical services in accordance with international standards, is one of the most important investments in the health sector.

The hospital is unique in its kind due to the wide range of services provided in the field of cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, cancer treatment, as well as IVF and Check-up centers. In addition, medical assistance in the emergency medicine department is available around the clock.

In order to ensure maximum comfort for foreign patients, international staff is working at Tinaztepe Hospital, and in order to make the visit to Turkey not only useful, but also enjoyable, a variety of additional services are available in the hospital.

Medical directions:

Anesthesia and resuscitation
Cardiovascular intensive care
Diseases of the chest cavity
Intensive Coronary Therapy
Cardiovascular Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Infertility Treatment – IVF Center
general surgery
General resuscitation
Internal illnesses
Intensive care for newborns
Nutrition and Dietetics
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Cancer treatment
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
Rhinology and Snoring Center
Medical centers:

Center for Diagnostic Radiology

Center for the treatment of allergic diseases

Sleep center

Trauma center

Beauty Center

Center for Cosmetic Dermatology

Cardiology Center

Anesthesia Center

ECO – center

International Center for Medical Services

Drug Treatment Center

Weight Management Center

Technologies used in the hospital:

CT scan
Digital LCD Angiography
Bone densitometry
Digital fluoroscopy
Digital x-ray
Ultrasound / Doppler
Interventional radiology
Laboratory (bacteriology, serology, biochemistry, immunology, hematology …)
Cardiology laboratory.
ECG, force ECG, echocardiography, Holter monitoring,
coronary angiography

Urology Laboratory.
ESWL, Cystoscopy, uroflowmetry, urethrography, cavernosography,
prostate biopsy, pulmonary functional test

1.5 T MRI
Optical coherence tomography, pachymetry, retinoscopy, biomicroscopy,
computerized vision test, autorefractometry

Additional services:

Hotel accommodation

Special diet food

24-hour cafe


Dry cleaning

Study tours and sightseeing tours

Shopping centers

Transport Services / Transfers

Air ticket booking

Medical Park Hospital Group

Since its inception in 1995, the Medical Park Hospital Group has “set itself the goal of ensuring that the needs of society are met at the highest level, without departing from the quality and principles of medical ethics, and to provide the full range of medical services, adhering to the concept of health for all.” Today, the Group has succeeded in creating a leading network of health facilities, which includes 2 hospital complexes, 14 hospitals and 2 medical centers. Our next goal is to achieve quality of service and our standards throughout the world, particularly in friendly neighboring countries.

Our Group has a total of 18 medical institutions in every corner of Turkey with 2,800 beds, 125 operating rooms, 830 resuscitation units, with 10,000 employees, 3,500 nurses, 750+ doctors.

The group provides services in model centers in all departments, in particular organ transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, tissue and stem cell typing, genetic diagnostic center, neurosurgery, oncology, IVF, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, aesthetic plastic reconstructive surgery, dentistry , ophthalmology, general surgery, hair transplant clinic. In the structure of our Group, 35% of the total organ transplantation and 50% of the bone marrow transplantation in adults and children in Turkey is carried out.

We do not forget that, along with the increasing need for providing services to the population of our country, we need to equally meet the needs and requirements of patients arriving from abroad. We provide a full range of medical and non-medical services at the highest level. The provision of the mentioned services is under the strict control of the Center for International Patients. The center conducts all processes in which international patients participate.

We take into account all the nuances and provide comprehensive services (transportation, transfer, hotel, guide, treatment and medications) to our patients, starting with their arrival in Turkey until returning to the country.

As part of the structuring of Central and West Asia, our Group opens contact offices in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and in other Turkic Republics, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, the Balkans, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Sudan (Central Africa), Iraq (Middle East ) to share their experience and knowledge with the population of these regions. Our confident step in the field of Medical Tourism has allowed our Group to take a well-deserved and honorable place in these countries thanks to the positive recommendations and feedback from our customers in these countries and their regions.

Our group is accredited by the JCI, the European Bone Marrow Transplantation Joint, the European Community for Non-Relative Bone Marrow Transplantations and is a member of the US International Bone Marrow Transplantation Association, International Organ Transplantation Associations, International Cellular Therapy Association.

Dunyagoz Ophthalmology Group

Dunyagoz Hospital Group Video Tour

Ophthalmologic clinic Dunyagyz was established in 1996, provides the most advanced technologies in the treatment of various eye diseases using 240 different methods of treatment. The clinic provides round-the-clock services for 365 days. With Dunyagyz in our country began a new era in the creation of industry clinics. Clinic Dunyagyz in the country and abroad has 18 centers for the provision of health care. Thanks to the constant updating of technology, an experienced medical staff of 180 doctors, among whom are professors, associate professors, medical specialists, more than 1,200 employees and a modern management concept, in a short time managed to take a worthy place among the ophthalmological clinics. The clinic has 14 hospitals, 6 of them are fully equipped in seven different provinces of Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Adana, Gaziantep, Bursa and Samsun. Dunyagyz Clinic provides services abroad in 4 different locations in Holland, Germany, England, the largest investment made in Frankfurt. In the near future, the Dunyagöz group is planning to expand its geographic presence throughout the world.

Dunyagöz has a certificate of the Joint International Commission (JCI) and the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) for operations using lenses and materials agreed by the American Health Administration (FDA).

The group occupies a leading position in Turkey in the field of medical tourism, annually serving about 20,000 foreign patients from 107 countries of the world.

The Dunyagyz Clinic Group provides health tourism services in accordance with international standards. There are places for religious rituals in the clinic for different faiths. Services are also provided for the delivery of the patient to the clinic from the airport. Along with the five-star services and recreational opportunities, cultural tours provided to patients are also in the foreground.


Department of Cataract Surgery
– The most modern method – Femtosecond Laser

– Without anesthesia, local anesthesia is performed by instillation of eye drops.

Center for Laser Surgery (Treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism)
– iLasik (Intralase Topolazer, Intralase Presbiyopi, Intralase Astigmatic Keratotomy)

– Lasek Standart, Lasek Wavefront

Department of Vitreoretinal Surgery

– Subretinal Surgery

Corneal Transplantation and Surgery
Reconstructive plastic surgery
– Operation on the installation of the mobile prosthetic eye

Department of Pediatric Surgery
– Cataract

– squint

Glaucoma Treatment

Clinic LiV Hospital
LiV Hospital combines a patient-focused vision – a team of selected medical specialists and a multidisciplinary approach. The most progressive diagnostic and treatment methods are used at LiV Hospital.

In January 2013, the LiV Hospital in Ulus Hospital expanded the list of new generation smart hospitals. With its outstanding vision and years of research and research, LiV Hospital uses an intelligent digital platform, environmental design and intelligent technology in a specially designed structure so that patients who are welcomed as guests have the opportunity to access the latest medical technology and a holistic individual treatment program. and care in a calm fully controlled comfort environment of a luxury hotel.

The impeccable service concept at LiV Hospital is an approach aimed at healing the human body and its regenerative potential, which focuses more on health than on disease. LiV Hospital knows that the path to health begins with psychological health and a high degree of trust, calm and confidence.

This vision includes providing our foreign clients and accompanying relatives and satellites with the highest level of coordinated medical care provided by our team of doctors and specialists of LiV Hospital, who have international education and have a high level of professionalism, as well as services to meet cultural, spiritual needs, the need for entertainment, food, leisure activities and concierge services.

Diagnostic and treatment centers:

– Emergency room

– Anesthesia and resuscitation

– Oral and dental health

– Pain Clinic

– Nutrition and dietetics

– Neurosurgery

– Healthy lifestyle programs

Full Check-up Clinic

– Pediatrics

– Pediatric surgery

– Dermatology

– Endocrinology

– Infectious diseases

– Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

– Gastroenterology

– General surgery

– Pulmonology

– Thoracic Surgery

– Ophthalmology

– Hematology

– Therapy

– Gynecology

– Cardiology

– Cardiovascular Surgery

– Otolaryngology

– Medical Oncology

– Nephrology

– Neurology

– Orthopedics and Traumatology

– Plastic and reconstructive surgery

– Psychiatry

– Psychology

– Radiation Oncology

– Urology

– Intensive Care Unit

– Center for Research and Application of Restorative Medicine and Stem Cells

Focusing on the most extreme of a series of medical cases, LiV Hospital is equipped with the most modern technical equipment.

Clinic LiV Hospital
LiV Hospital combines a patient-focused vision – a team of selected medical specialists and a multidisciplinary approach. The most progressive diagnostic and treatment methods are used at LiV Hospital.

In January 2013, the LiV Hospital in Ulus Hospital expanded the list of new generation smart hospitals. With its outstanding vision and years of research and research, LiV Hospital uses an intelligent digital platform, environmental design and intelligent technology in a specially designed structure so that patients who are welcomed as guests have the opportunity to access the latest medical technology and a holistic individual treatment program. and care in a calm fully controlled comfort environment of a luxury hotel.

The impeccable service concept at LiV Hospital is an approach aimed at healing the human body and its regenerative potential, which focuses more on health than on disease. LiV Hospital knows that the path to health begins with psychological health and a high degree of trust, calm and confidence.

This vision includes providing our foreign clients and accompanying relatives and satellites with the highest level of coordinated medical care provided by our team of doctors and specialists of LiV Hospital, who have international education and have a high level of professionalism, as well as services to meet cultural, spiritual needs, the need for entertainment, food, leisure activities and concierge services.

Diagnostic and treatment centers:

– Emergency room

– Anesthesia and resuscitation

– Oral and dental health

– Pain Clinic

– Nutrition and dietetics

– Neurosurgery

– Healthy lifestyle programs

Full Check-up Clinic

– Pediatrics

– Pediatric surgery

– Dermatology

– Endocrinology

– Infectious diseases

– Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

– Gastroenterology

– General surgery

– Pulmonology

– Thoracic Surgery

– Ophthalmology

– Hematology

– Therapy

– Gynecology

– Cardiology

– Cardiovascular Surgery

– Otolaryngology

– Medical Oncology

– Nephrology

– Neurology

– Orthopedics and Traumatology

– Plastic and reconstructive surgery

– Psychiatry

– Psychology

– Radiation Oncology

– Urology

– Intensive Care Unit

– Center for Research and Application of Restorative Medicine and Stem Cells

Focusing on the most extreme of a series of medical cases, LiV Hospital is equipped with the most modern technical equipment.

Medical Center NeoLife

Neolife Medical Center Video Tour

Worldwide, there is an increase in the number of oncological diseases. In this regard, the acute question of the importance of accurate diagnosis and implementation of modern methods of treatment of this complex disease. In turn, high hopes are placed on medical centers specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of various types of cancer.

NeoLife Medical Center is just such a specialized oncology center. The treatment in the center is carried out according to the latest treatment protocols, which take into account the latest and most reliable diagnostic and treatment methods. Special attention is paid to the fact that treatment programs are complemented by specially developed programs of psychological support. The doctors of our center are specialists whose names are known to the international medical community. Our doctors use the most modern technologies and equipment, which allows them to achieve good results.

At the NeoLife Medical Center, treatment programs are developed individually for each patient – various factors and features of the body of each patient are taken into account. In developing each treatment plan, various treatment methods are carefully compared, and the most effective method is chosen, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body and including the latest medical technologies.

We know that each case is unique, so NeoLife lacks a patterned method for diagnosing and treating oncological diseases. For each individual case, special interdisciplinary councils are created, which include experts from relevant and related disciplines, which together determine the best treatment method. Subsequently, the treatment plan is supplemented by necessity to increase comfort and improve the quality of life of the patient and his family.

Medical Center NeoLife constantly conducts research in the field of oncology, and also collaborates and participates in the campaigns of the Turkish Foundation for the fight against cancer.

Turkish Cancer Foundation (TFBR) and NeoLife

The Turkish Cancer Foundation (TFBR) has been developing and implementing awareness-raising projects on cancer for 30 years and has been helping patients in need of treatment. From its inception to the present day, the Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates centers for early diagnosis and treatment, thereby raising awareness of various types of cancer, assists other scientists and organizations studying oncology, and supports scientific research in this area. In 2009, TFBR and NeoLife joined forces to fight cancer together. The result of this partnership was the founding of the most modern, private, exemplary cancer center in the region.

Our approach to quality management

In NeoLife, patient rights are number one priority. Considering the specific nature of the activities of our medical center and with a view to patient safety, we pay special attention to the issue of quality management. All processes in our center are built in accordance with international quality standards, which were integrated into the daily activities of the center.

Our team of medical specialists

One of the biggest advantages of the NeoLife center is the team of medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to medicine and patient care.

Our medical team includes doctors with extensive practical experience and international recognition, and nurses whose care and attentive care complement the treatment.

Services of the NeoLife Medical Center


Radiology diagnosis

Digital tomosynthesis (3-D mammography)
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Ultrasound elastography
Bone densitometry Nuclear medicine
Gamma Camera (Scintigraphy)
Laboratory diagnosis

Biochemical analysis – Endocrinology
Complete blood count
Flow cytometry
Blood clotting analysis
Laboratory diagnosis for autoimmune diseases
Molecular Microbiology
Microbiology – Serological studies
Diagnosis of Allergy Genetics
Cytogenetic examination
Molecular cytogenetics
Molecular genetics Laboratory diagnosis – pathomorphology
Exfoliative cytology
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology
Liquid thin-layer cytology (Liquid Based “Thin-layer” Technology)
Intraoperative pathological study
Histochemical analysis
Immunohistochemical analysis

Drug therapy

Target (target) therapy
Radiation therapy

3-D conformal radiation therapy
Intensity modulated radiation therapy
Electronic therapy
Extracranial Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
Rotational Radiation Therapy – Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy

Mammary cancer
Thyroid cancer
Liver cancer
Colorectal cancer
Lung disease
Thoracic Surgery
Pain management
Neurology / Neurooncology

NeoLife Diagnostic and Treatment Services

Early and accurate diagnosis is the most important component of successful treatment. Therefore, our center uses the most advanced equipment, and all of our respective departments (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Laboratory Services, the Department of Genetic Research and the Pathomorphological Service) work as one team.

In addition to outpatient services, our branches of drug therapy (Medical Oncology) and radiation therapy (Radiation Oncology) form an area of ​​our specialization. Constantly keeping abreast of the latest technological inventions and changes in treatment protocols, the NeoLife professional team strives to provide medical services in accordance with the highest international standards.


Tomosynthesis is a new digital mammography technology that is far superior to other screening methods for breast cancer. This is a 3-dimensional image method, while a regular mammography gives a 2-dimensional drawing. The ability of Tomosynthesis to give a cross-image gives it an advantage over other methods of standard digital mammography when diagnosing breast cancer. Thanks to the 3-dimensional image made up of thin sections, this method gives a clear picture of the areas where the doctor might have doubts.

Benefits of Tomosynthesis

Allows you to identify and diagnose even the smallest-sized tumors.
Reduced chance of calling a patient for re-mammography; thereby reducing the dose of radiation received by the patient.
The risk of a biopsy and an operation that is not necessary is reduced.
Accurately indicates the location of the tumor on a 3-dimensional map.
Compared to other standard methods, less pressure is required on the mammary gland during the procedure. Therefore, the patient has less discomfort.
Gold Standard in diagnostic imaging: PET CT

PET CT is an integrated imaging equipment that combines PET (positron emission tomography) with CT (computed tomography). PET allows you to quickly detect the presence of a tumor, while CT can determine its localization with high sensitivity. Currently, PET CT is widely used in oncology and cardiology.

What are the benefits of PET CT?

Perfect image thanks to high resolution
Shortened examination time
Accurate diagnosis of cancer cells at an early stage
Early diagnosis of recurrence
Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is a method of treatment using ionizing radiation. This type of therapy is also called radiotherapy or radiation. The goal of radiation therapy is to destroy cancer cells, while maintaining healthy tissue that is located next to the tumor. Radiation therapy can be prescribed as the main type of treatment, or supplement other methods – a surgical method and / or chemotherapy. Compared with the surgical method, radiation therapy has advantages – it allows you to maintain healthy organs and tissues, and thus protects their functional activity. The properties of the linear particle accelerator used in radiation therapy determine the outcome of the treatment. The NeoLife Medical Center uses the TRUEBEAM linear accelerator. This device is currently available only in several countries of the world, and in Turkey it is installed only in 4 clinics.

TRUEBEAM – a breakthrough in Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery Technology

TrueBeam advantages over other linear accelerators

TrueBeam technology is unique as this device can be used both for radiation therapy and for radiosurgery. In addition, compared with other technologies, TrueBeam can give a higher dose in a shorter period of time, which suggests a more effective treatment. Another unique feature of this device is the ability to accurately irradiate tumor tissue. Thus, the duration of the sessions and their total number is significantly reduced.

Advantages of TrueBeam:

Acceleration of the treatment process due to the “smart” automation of the process, convenient location of the patient, and reduction in the number of steps required in the treatment of patients.
Thanks to the FFF mode (“without compensatory filter” – Flattening Filter Free), more comfortable conditions for the patient are created – a shortened course duration, the maximum dose level is 2400 MU / min.
A standard intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) procedure, usually taking 10–15 minutes, can be performed in less than two minutes.
A complex radiosurgical procedure, which usually takes from 40 minutes to one hour, can be performed within 5–20 minutes. Due to the possibility of giving higher doses in a shorter period of time, the treatment is more effective.
Due to the shorter period of exposure, the tumor does not get the opportunity to move. The sensitivity of the TrueBeam system is measured in increments of less than one millimeter. This level of accuracy was made possible by an improved system that allows you to monitor indicators every 10 milliseconds during the treatment procedure, thus creating a new level of synchronization of image technology, control of the patient’s position and movements, beam formation and dose.
During the treatment procedure, more than 100,000 coordinates are under observation. This allows you to create a focal point protection to achieve an “accurate isocenter” during treatment. This technology allows doctors to more accurately irradiate a tumor, which is located in a moving organ.
What types of cancer can TrueBeam be used to treat?

TrueBeam can be used for those types of cancer that require radiation therapy. Thanks to the movement synchronization technology, TrueBeam is a revolutionary method for treating cancer of the lung, breast, prostate and spine. The TrueBeam system also uses a rotational therapy technology with a modulation of the amount of radiation, due to which irradiation is given taking into account the movement of tumor tissue.

TrueBeam is superior to other methods because …

This is a more accurate method: its rays are precisely aimed at the source of radiation.
This is a faster method: shortened session length
High efficiency of treatment is achieved: the total number of sessions is reduced.
TrueBeam technology allows you to perform radiation therapy and radiosurgical procedures in a convenient for the patient mode.

Brachytherapy is a type of radiotherapy in which the radiation source is injected. This method of treatment is most effective in the treatment of gynecological cancers.

Oncology: Treatment

Medical technologies are developing very rapidly, especially radiation methods of diagnosis and treatment. In this regard, hospitals need to constantly update existing technology. Being a new medical center, we are proud of the fact that our center uses the most modern technologies and equipment to treat patients. At NeoLife Medical Center, success is not measured in terms of percentage, but in numerical terms.


Despite the fact that the direct meaning of chemotherapy is “drug treatment”, this term is mainly used to describe medicines used to treat cancer; These drugs affect cancer cells (the term “anticancer drugs” is also used).

Chemotherapy can be both self-treatment and supplement other methods. Depending on the type of disease, chemotherapy may have different goals:
– Treatment of oncological diseases
– Control of disease progression (to prevent recurrence and slow the progression)
– Elimination of symptoms (reduction or elimination of pain and other symptoms)


What is Immunotherapy?

Our immune system protects our body from substances that are “outsiders”. For example, if an organ is transplanted from an incompatible donor, such an organ will be rejected by the recipient’s immune system. Scientists over the past decades are exploring ways to improve the body’s natural immune response to cancer cells. Using this method as a treatment is called immunotherapy.
When treating what types of cancer will immunotherapy be effective?

Until recently, cancer treatment with immunotherapy has rarely yielded positive results. However, over the past few years, scientists have succeeded in controlling the progression of several types of cancer thanks to an interferon (a type of protein) called interferon alfa. Studies with interferon showed significant improvements in patients with a rare type of leukemia (fringed-cell leukemia); good results have also been achieved in the treatment of certain types of lymphomas.

Development of Immunotherapy

New research provides more and more information on how the immune system recognizes and fights against malignant cells. As a result of such scientific works, scientists will be able to develop immunotherapy methods for the treatment of many oncological diseases.

Target (target) therapy

Thanks to new research, the role of oncogenetics and intracellular communication is clarified. Scientists get new data on how cancer cells grow and spread, and how they choose their path of development. Intracellular messages of tumor tissues, surface receptors, blockage of the blood supply and suspension of the renewal process can prevent the development of the cancer process.

Targeted therapy has become part of the standard approach in treating cancer of the lung, breast, intestines, stomach, neck, brain, and kidneys; This method demonstrates its effectiveness when used in new methods of treatment. Compared with chemotherapy, target therapy has fewer side effects and is more easily tolerated by patients.

Other NeoLife services

Interdisciplinary Tips

In modern medicine, for the treatment of complex diseases formed special tips. This method undoubtedly improves the treatment success rate. Cancers are complex diseases. Each case is individual. It is for this reason that in our center for the treatment of our patients we form interdisciplinary councils, which include expert doctors of the relevant areas.

What is an Interdisciplinary Council?

Interdisciplinary councils gather doctors from different medical fields, depending on the uniqueness of each case, and carefully evaluate each case. A team discussion helps to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment for each patient.

What are the benefits of Interdisciplinary Councils?

Consultations and discussions that take place in these councils, as well as team study of the case with the smallest details, improve the treatment success rate. In addition, doctors and medical experts who are part of the councils have access to the latest scientific works and modern literature, as well as more effectively interact with each other.

In the Interdisciplinary Councils, which are formed in our center, such experts as oncologists, radiation therapists, pathologists, surgeons and doctors from other fields of medicine regularly gather.

How do Interdisciplinary Tips work?

First, preparatory work is carried out for each case, the necessary information is collected, and then the relevant experts are invited.

Who is involved in Interdisciplinary Councils?

Radiation therapist
Doctors from the related adjacent areas
Support groups

For our patients

In NeoLife, we know that one of the most important factors for successful treatment is the patient’s psychological well-being. That is why we create support groups for our patients. In these groups, people who have recently undergone a course of oncological treatment share their personal experiences with the patients of the center. Experienced psychologists and psychotherapists also participate in the groups. The purpose of such groups is to create a social comfort zone for patients so that they can share their feelings and receive support from the outside.

For relatives and close patients

Another important component of successful treatment is informing relatives and friends of patients about the features of cancer; It helps to improve the psychological state of our patients. Support groups, led by experienced psychologists, create a platform for relatives who can learn about the experiences of other patients and their families who have undergone such treatment in the past. This helps relatives and relatives to better understand the experiences of patients and provide them with the necessary assistance.

Counseling Tips

For our patients

The psychological effects of diagnosing cancer should not be underestimated.
In many oncological medical centers, this aspect is not given due attention. However, given the duration of the course of treatment, psychological support is one of the important factors in providing complete treatment. Our center understands the importance of psychological health, and experienced psychiatrists and psycho-oncologists work to provide psychological assistance.

Our center seeks to pay due attention to such conditions as loneliness, depression, anger, and renunciation at each stage of the disease (phase 1 – diagnosis; phase 2 – treatment period; phase 3 – relapse of the disease; 4 – disease progression). Our professional psychiatrists and psycho-oncologists provide the necessary assistance at every stage of the disease.

For relatives and close patients

An oncological disease affects not only the patient, but also the members of his family. Each person whose relative has cancer is very emotionally concerned, and most often such experiences affect the patient. It is therefore very important that the relatives of the patient also receive psychological assistance. Our experienced psychotherapists and psychologists provide such assistance at every stage of the disease.

Logistics for International Patients

For international patients and their families, we have prepared various types of services that include transportation, hotel accommodation and other support services. To the wishes of our clients, our team can develop a special package of services, taking into account individual wishes.

Additional services

During treatment, our patients may require special items such as a prosthesis, wig, and corset. These and other products that help improve the quality of life can be purchased at our center.

Clinic Network Baskent University

Currently, most people are interested in obtaining the highest quality and affordable medical care at an affordable price. In this aspect, many prefer Turkey, as a place to spend their holidays, and to receive medical services.

Turkey is the place where you will witness the world-famous Turkish hospitality and will feel at home. While being treated here, along with receiving medical services, you can take the opportunity to visit numerous historical sites.

The clinics, dialysis centers and treatment and rehabilitation centers of Baskent University are the foremost medical institutions in the country.

The clinics of Baskent University are located in various cities of Turkey: Ankara, Istanbul, Adana, Alanya, Konya, Izmir.

Our clinics, constantly expanding and equipped with the latest technology, meet all the requirements and requirements of patients. As a medical institution, we attach great importance to the safety of patients and clinic staff. We train and produce quality medical staff who are responsible for their duties and respect the rights of patients.

The network of clinics Baskent University, which includes: 10 clinics, 13 dialysis centers and 2 centers for therapy and rehabilitation, located throughout Turkey, with a staff of 10,500 people, provides quality medical services in many regions of the country.

For the fast and high-quality medical care of foreign patients, an International Department has been established on the basis of our clinic, whose employees are involved 24 hours a day. In order for a foreign patient to receive medical care for free or at the lowest cost, we cooperate with foreign insurance companies.

The most requested medical services professionally provided by our clinic are:

Organ and bone marrow transplantation
Radiotherapy and treatment of oncological diseases
Treatment of brain tumors
Gamma Knife Technology
Dental services
Cardiovascular Surgery
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
Center for Extracorporeal Fertilization (IVF)
Pediatric Surgery
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery
Oncology surgery
Nuclear medicine
We provide high-quality and economical medical services to patients from Russia, Ukraine, Europe, America and other countries. In our clinic, the staff of the International Department speak many foreign languages, which facilitates communication with patients and insurance campaigns.