Treatment in Karlovy Vary

Treatment in Karlovy Vary

The spa town of Karlovy Vary is the most famous and largest in the Czech Republic, founded by King Charles IV near mineral springs. Located in the valley of the river Teply, 120 km from the capital.

Karlovy Vary is a spa resort, which means that treatment is carried out with the help of mineral water and mud from 12 sources. But the total number of registered sources is 132.
Karlovy Vary water is sodium-bicarbonate-sulphate in its chemical composition with a pH of 6.9, average salinity (6450 mg l). Natural healing factors (hot mineral water, curative mud, carbon dioxide) in combination with modern methods of treatment are successfully used in diseases of the digestive tract, metabolic disorders, paradontosis, diabetes mellitus and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

What diseases are treated at the resort?

1. Diseases of the digestive system
– peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, postoperative conditions
– chronic and acute gastritis
– intestinal dyskinesia, chronic constipation,
– inflammatory bowel disease
– conditions after resection of the small and large intestine
– diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts, postoperative conditions
– pancreatitis
– conditions after acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, fatty hepatosis, compensated liver cirrhosis

2. Metabolic disorders:
– violation of fat (lipid metabolism)
– gout
– diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 degrees
– obesity

3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
– pain syndromes in diseases of the spine and joints
– osteoarthritis of large joints with impaired function and without
– osteochondrosis of all parts of the spine with impaired function and without

4. Stress, depression.

5. Periodontal disease.

6. Restorative and wellness courses of treatment.

General contraindications:
– condition after deep thrombosis (at least 3 months)
– condition after superficial thrombophlebitis (at least 6 weeks)
– infectious diseases and bacillus
– tuberculosis
– any disease in the acute stage
– parasitic diseases
– heart failure II – III st
– decompensated diabetes
– recurring heavy bleeding of all types
– mental illness, alcoholism and drug addiction
– pregnancy
– epilepsy
– incontinence and stool, bedwetting
– hypertension over 110 mmHg diastolic pressure

Sanatoriums of Karlovy Vary
Richmond 4 *
Aqua Marina 5 *
Grandhotel Pupp 5 *
Dvorak 4 *
Bristol Georgy House 4 *
St.Josef Royal Regent 4 *
Schlosspark 4 *
and much more =)