Visa to Taiwan

A visa to Taiwan is issued for citizens of the CIS in Moscow without a personal presence.

List of required documents for a visa:

1. Passport (passport must be valid for more than three months after the end of the requested visa).

2. Canceled passports (if they have visas).

3. Photos, 2 pcs., Color, 3×4.

4. Certificate from work on the company’s letterhead indicating the position, salary, work experience.

5. Extract from the bank with confirmation of the cash balance on the account.

6.Bron hotel and air.

7. Filled out our questionnaire.

For students, students:

– certificate from the place of study

copy of birth certificate

– sponsorship letter (written in free form) from one of the parents, attached with a certificate of work and an extract from the sponsor’s bank

– a copy of the consent to leave the child abroad from a non-leaving parent, or a copy of a valid visa, attached a copy of the passport of the non-leaving parent (page with photo + page with registration)

For non-working and retirees:

– copy of pension certificate

-Bank reference

– a sponsor letter, a certificate from work, an extract from the sponsor’s account, confirmation of relationship with the sponsor (available if you cannot pay for the trip yourself)

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