Hotels in the UAE actively attract tourists in the summer season

Hotels in the UAE actively attract tourists in the summer season

The United Arab Emirates is becoming a more sought after beach destination in the summer season. According to the tour operator TEZ Tour, this year the volume of bookings in the summer months of 2019 increased by 226% compared to the same period of the previous year.

As reported Profi.Travel General Director of TEZ Tour UAE Rami Aziz, such dynamics is explained not only by the decline in prices for accommodation in particularly hot months, but also by the fact that most hotels successfully adapt to work in the season, which was previously considered to be low.

“In the summer season, everything from taxis to hotels of all categories and public buildings have the most modern air conditioning systems. The water in the pools is also cooled: comfortable +24-26 degrees are always maintained even in the hottest days of summer, ” the representative of the tour operator said.

At the same time, the United Arab Emirates has significantly increased the number capacity of accommodation facilities over the past few years. According to official data, in 2017 only in Dubai worked 485 hotels and 196 apart-hotels (total 106 thousand rooms), and in the first half of 2019 guests of the Emirate received 523 hotels and 215 apart-hotels (120 thousand rooms). And before the opening of the world exhibition EXPO 2020 in October next year, the number of rooms in Dubai is planned to increase to 148 thousand rooms, Rami Aziz said.

This explosive growth in supply inevitably affects the pricing policy of hoteliers. For example, the cost of accommodation in Dubai over the past three years has decreased by 30-40%, and in neighboring Ajman and Sharjah-by almost 50%.

In addition, Emirati hotels are increasingly switching to catering systems more attractive for Russian tourists: full board and above. According to the tour operator, 90% of applications fall on the FB system and above, while if any hotel has an all inclusive system, in 90% of cases, tourists choose it. This is especially true for the summer months.

Emirati hoteliers themselves understand the “power of all inclusive”, but it should be borne in mind that in Sharjah, as well as in a number of hotels in other Emirates, there are restrictions on alcohol. In such cases, we are talking about systems full board plus (with drinks) or “non-alcoholic all inclusive” (AI soft).

The increase in the number of arrivals to the Emirates in the summer months is also associated with the growth of flight programs. Experts note that in this direction there is a significant amount of regular transportation, which allows you to load hotels even without the deployment of their own Charter programs.

Emirates, Etihad Airways, FlyDubai, Air Arabia and Aeroflot operate flights from Moscow to various airports in the UAE, and this year the direction was taken by Pobeda.

As for the summer season, this year tour operators for the first time in a long time began to take hard blocks on regular flights. In particular, Emirates bought out a number of major operators, such as ANEX Tour, TUI and TEZ Tour, on the double-Decker Airbus A380-800.

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